In Imaginary Talk Neptune Says

A Little Talk (with) Imaginary

You must be through your days so much difficult.

More than you think and more than you know.

I do know.

How come… In what way?

Look on mirror! I know, while too much acne on your face means you’re getting overthinking. That’s truly you!

You know me so well, I confess.

Pain demands to be felt.

Hmm… Just like “The Fault In Our Stars”?

Sure, you’re right, Mr. Waters!

It’s a pleasure, Miss Grace!

Hey, you look fatter, don’t you?

You see that much? Someone else said so.

But still, the big deal, obviously on your silly face.

Someone also said my skin was brighter, right?

It’s not like that, little boy. You’re totally getting sick, not brighter, in fact yours is pale. Hahaha

Oh? But, please I don’t get anything funny, there.

No, no, I’m going too far. And it’s OK, now. Since then, I’ll be with you.

(in silence) Don’t push yourself. Don’t make promise when you’re not really making it. Don’t promise too much...


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