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Meet the Little Voices in Your Head

Dear Kugy,

I personally  congratulate on your happiness. Hope he’s your truly Keenan. Happy enough? Nah, i  shouldn’t have to ask you anymore. By the way, have a safe community service, somewhere over the mountain.

I just experienced meeting little voices in my head. But when I go deep down inside, it’s getting over harder. They said, we’ll can’t ever be the same again.

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, ‘What is going on inside their head?’” - Inside Out

So the story begin when i just watched the newest animated motion picture of Disney, Inside Out. Its tagline, meet the little voices in your head. The movie’s fun, even the theatre was so empty. Yup, it’s as empty as heart-shape pieces in my soul. Actually, it’s not really empty. And anyway, it’s more and more times I go to theatre by me and myself. Better go alone than along for some “gigs”. I mean, such as watch movies, when there’s no one to be with, you’ll never spin or puss on what movie to choose. You deserve for your favorite, though your friend, crush, and any other one has theirs. So, for me, just give me some adaptation movie based on Nicholas Sparks’, or his “contemporary” –  John Green’s, or such movies. Sounds like dime? Haha, whatsoever!


And, Inside Out told about some voices in head, makes you’re reccomended to watch for overthinker. There are five characters denotes our emotion: Joy , Sadness , Fear, Disgust , and Anger. Joy control much in Riley’s life, but never forget if sadness is important as well. In the end, Sadness will guide you home. Okay, maybe you won’t figure out why. So, I please, watch the movie by yourself! The conclusion, just like that, you can’t deny your sadness. It’s precious. Someway, me now, full of fear and disgust. It has been felt for, may be two or three weeks. Admit it, so much ewww..

Some nights ago, before the dawn,  when i was going home, i saw a pale silver half-moon. Seeing exactly half of the moon illuminated and half in shadow. It reminiscent, every people has their dark side they don’t want some people else to know. We have. Yet it doesn’t always mean our darkside is bad. Sometimes, it’s no more than just privacy.

Half-moon on first or third quarter moon phases, it also always brings back memories of people who half-fall-in-love. You know, people do it. And we did. I know, it’s sicken. But, what we are supposed to do when it's meant to be. Upon, we decided (or maybe just me) to break up. It’s what i said before, everything’s gonna harder. All of a sudden, i’m sick and tired.

So, I do hope the night of new moon after breaking dawn. Upon lunar calendar, it will be Dzulhijjah. And the pilgrimage will be standing at Arafat. Then it's time to Eid al-Adha, and I’ll go home, and hugging mom is the suitable choice for creating joyful. We find happiness by ourselves.

Getting back to Sadness of Inside Out, it’s undoubtedly why heartbreak is fancy. Aha yes, i don’t want to stay long. It’s enough now. I’m just... my heart is overwhelmed.


Ps: the difficulty on using “we” in English is how to distinguish between “me and you” and “me and her” . Keep calm and using for me and her in this case!

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