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Three Things to Live and Love My Room More

Possibly these two days and more hours is my longest time record at home since recent years. I do mean it.

I used to didn’t come home. Many reasons force me to stay outside. Friends, lovers, or nothing; lecture, student club and all the campus stuff. I’m so glad with all those busy work and hectic world, but I realize it’s the time to come home more often. So lately, I’m just doing it.

With all the good things I have in my room, there are three things I love like crazy. Something enjoyable and eye-catching so enough.

The first one, the window at the west side. This is my favorite spot. From the first time, when my home is still built, I have told that it’s gonna be my private room. I’ve created my daily sunset routine in my mind before it gets real.

Blue-y Dusk (Foto: whd)

When the breaking down comes, I’ll go near to the window. Sometimes, I make a hot tea at the moment. Ten minutes before 6 pm, my sight won’t go anywhere, but the rice-flood, trees, and the best part, obviously, gorgeous sunset.

The second, my new book shelf. Before we—my family—move, my collections are so untidy in “Olympic” learning table. Once we move, my mother buy me two big plastic container. I put all my books there until today. A carpenter in my residence put book shelves in front of my bedroom. What a wonderful view, I glance the window of the world at the beginning and the end of the day.

Upside Down Library (Foto: whd)

I’ve dreamt about having library, a real library with my books. Supposed to do, it will be my first small step to achieve a librarian’s dream.

And last but not least, small aquarium. Actually this could be the most important reason why I should come home more often. I need to refresh the water once in two days and feed two fishes twice a day. Laugh me when you know how I name them. The white fin is “magi”, while the blach one is “nary”. You may know, to whom the combination of the fishes refers.

Having a pet has been thought for a long time. But since I got many things to do outside the home almost every day, it makes me to become more patient. Why I choose fish is something experiment. My senior—who takes veterinarian profession education in Bali—suggest me to have a cat or dog. She said, they're gonna be my good friend to talk to. But, I’m insist with fish for the Neptune-thing-around’s sake. After all, who’ll deny there’s calm feeling when looking pretty fish move around underneath the water.

My-magi-nary (Foto: whd)

Eventually, my point is, loving people begins from how you treat yourself first. It starts from love things around you. If you, yourself is still in a mess, how dare you love other people? What a mess you are!

But, hey, look at me now… I’m doing better.

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