So, this is how it feels, feeling like... Holy crap,  I still can't get enough to believe that i'm already really done. After three years and 28 months as student, I lost my words, so let me just try to come out. 

Surely, writing thesis' gonna be my one of the most majestic stage of my life. I learn a lot from this, not only about conducting research for months, but also searching for meaning of my life, my personal evolution. I realized, so many things when getting finished my study, about not giving up easily and keep moving forward even in stressful situation and facing so many obstacles. I appreciate every single good and bad thing beyond the process. 

Eventually, i figure out this is really not the end. It's just another beginning to be better than ever, forever. 

As I read novel or any other books, one part that i read carefully is the foreword or acknowledgement. That is where the authors put their whole heart to express anything. So, that's also what happen while I finished my thesis. The most personal and i give so much intention (it doesn't mean, another part is done by any old way). So, here it is. My full acknowledgement. 

All praise is due to Allah swt., the Great Almighty, the most merciful, the most beneficent, who bestowed upon the researcher endless blessing and supplied the love, the perseverance, and the guidance to undertake and complete this research. Also, may the peace and blessings be on the most noble of Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad SAW, and on his family and all of his Companions. He has shown us the right ways, we will always be in the shelter of Allah until hereafter life.

Undertaking this research would also not have been possible without the support and encouragement of several people for whom the researcher would like to express his thanks and appreciation. The researcher asks Allah to bountifully reward all these people.

The deepest gratitude goes to the researcher’s beloved parents, Drs. H. M. Yusuf, M.Pd.I and Nuraeni, S.Pd. There is nothing in the world could pay what they have given, even the researcher himself know that their love is unconditional and endless. The researcher also would like to extend his gratitude to beloved brother and sisters, Ummil Wildaeni Al Hidayah, M. Rifqi Hanif Yusuf, and Rifqah Annisa Yusnita. Without their repetition questioning the researchers’ graduation, he could not be always kept in track on his thesis completion. Also, to his grandparents, H. Abdul Thalib, (Alm) Kasamung, (Alm) Marzuki, and (Alm) Rabong who has given very early education since childhood. Their lesson life is really meaningful until these days.

Dokumentasi Pribadi

Very great appreciation is also goes to: Prof. Dr. Husain Syam, M. TP., as the Rector of UNM; Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman, M. Pd., as the Dean of FMIPA UNM; Dr. Awi Dassa, M. Si., as the Head of Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNM; Sutamrin, S. Si., M. Pd., as the Secretary of Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNM; Dr. Hisyam Ihsan, M.Si. as the Coordinator of  International Class Program of FMIPA UNM; Dr. Asdar, S. Pd., M. Pd., as the Head of Mathematics Education Study Program of Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNM. The researcher is very thankful due to providing necessary infrastructure and resources to accomplish his bachelor degree in mathematics education.

Dokumentasi Pribadi

The researcher is also extremely indebted to Sabri, S. Pd., M. Sc., and Ja’faruddin, S. Pd., M. Pd., as academic advisors who have given support and encouragement in getting the researcher’s bachelor degree.  The researcher also would like to express his great appreciation to Prof. Dr. H. Hamzah Upu, M. Ed. and Prof. Dr. Ruslan, M. Pd., as the supervisors who have guided and assisted until the end of this research. The researcher considers it is his privilege to have accomplished this thesis under their right guidance.Highly heartfelt thank is also given to Dr. Ilham Minggi, M. Si. and Sutamrin, S. Si., M. Pd., as the examiners of  this research. Their constructive comments and suggestions are very helpful to the success of this research.

The researcher also would like to thank to Dr. Ilham Minggi, M. Si and Nasrullah, S. Pd., M. Pd., as the validators of this research’s instruments. Without their valuable advice, the researcher could not carry his research work carefully.  Also, a sincere thanks to Syahrullah Asyari, S. Pd., M. Pd., as the proof reader on the great attention and patience in correcting the writing of thesis in English.

Many thanks to all the lecturers and staffs of Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNM who have educated and helped the researcher in college things. Gratitude is also goes to Suaib Ramli, S. Pd., M. Pd., as Headmaster of SMP Negeri 1 Makassar, who has provided the research location; Herlina Ali, S. Pd., as Mathematics Teacher of SMP Negeri 1 Makassar who has very kindly facilitated the researcher in her classroom; and all students at Grade IX SMP Negeri 1 Makassar who have taken part in this research and cooperated very well.

The researcher owes a deep sense of gratitude to his two good friends, Imaginary and Kugy (Fitrah Amalina).  The researcher has so many things to pay off for Imaginary thing, such as keep being happy while struggling, even suffering pain. Surely, he will never achieve good self-improvement without the encouragement in such weird thing of Imaginary. And Kugy, thanks for being partner-in-“crying”, for sharing good and hard times together, for keep asking whether the researcher is okay.

The researcher also would like sent heartfelt thanks to Ririn Mamiek Wulandari, S.Psi and Muhammad Yusran Basri, S. Pd., for their suggestions in writing research proposal, Iwan Setiawan H.R, S. Pd., for his 24-hours available on call in helping to make research instrument and conducting research, and also Kameliani, S. Pd., for her willingness in helping data analysis of this research. They deserve a lot more.

The researcher also greatly appreciates the best days with his second warm family, The All Crew of Lembaga Pers Mahasiswa Profesi UNM. We know nothing else better than our bond, strong and strengthen. Thanks for always giving courage to the researcher in all good way, for building the researcher’s capacity in physically and mentally, and for very amazing four years and still counting. Especially for Kesebelasan: Agung Rinaldy Malik, Ari Maryadi, Arnawan Arief, Febriawan Djalil, Mentari Jati Pratiwi, Nur Fadly, Nurul Irsal Amalia, Rachmad Wajo, Rajab, and Rosni Armin. They always know how to put smile on the researcher’s face, even for some inexplicable reasons.

Dokumentasi Pribadi

The researcher is also thankful for togetherness of college mates in ICP B Mathematics 2012: Abdul Salam, Ardillah, Awaliyah Mustakim, Besse Nurul Agustini, Dian Kharisma, Fadli, Fita Paramitha Husain, Fivy Alvionita Agustin, Hairunnisa, Hairunnisa Mahyuddin, Inggit Susilowati, Kamelia Angka, Muhammad Fathan, Muhammad Yusran, Nurmawaddah Rustam, Ramdhan Nur Cahyadi, Ria Rezeki, Sri Rahayu Ary Orbani, and Zulfadli. The researcher will never enjoy the campus life without their nice friendship and great help since freshman year. The same thankful is also goes to friends at ICP A Mathematics 2012, Epsilon (Mathematics 2012), all seniors and juniors in the Mathematics Department of FMIPA UNM. 

Dokumentasi Pribadi

Priceless time with Mathematics Computer Laboratory (Labkommat) assistants is highly appreciated. The researcher feels so thankful for every chance that he could take anytime there, for the warm hug that always welcomes back, again and again. Also, to all the assistants in the Mathematics Department for cooperating and helping in need, indeed.

Dokumentasi Pribadi

The researcher would like to express his very great appreciation to all great teacher and tentors at TK Abbulo Sibatang, TK/TPA Nurul Bustan, SD 22 Allu, SD 175 Bulo-bulo, Balangriri Intensive English Course, SMP 1 Bulukumpa, SMA 1 Bulukumpa and JILC. There are so many great experience and inspirations that has brought the researcher to this position. Especially, for Mathematics teacher, Nurhani, S. Pd and English teacher since childhood, Ruaedah, S. Pd and Drs. Muh. Alwi.

Deep gratitude goes to the researcher’s friends at TK Abbulo Sibatang, TK/TPA Nurul Bustan, SD 22 Allu, SD 175 Bulo-bulo, Balangriri Intensive English Course, SMP 1 Bulukumpa, SMA 1 Bulukumpa and JILC. Without their friendship, there can’t be comfortable school and brand new day to seize with. The best gratitude to Besties, junior high school mates: Andi Arifah Nurmala, Andi Ummul Aisyah, Asmawati, Asriyengki Amir, Desi Anggraeni, and Eka Fitriani. Thanks for being moodbooster to forget all worries every time catching up together.

Last but not the least, the researcher would like to thanks to all people who could not be mentioned one by one, both good and bad one, who he had ever met in life. He strongly believes that every single people always make impact to his life until this day. Good people bring happiness, bad people teach lessons. Thanks a billion.

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  1. A good story. Congratulation for--suhu di PJTL Ganto 2015--always say thanks to Allah.

    1. We should. Thanks, bung Eko, yang lebih suhu lagi 🙌🙌

  2. congratulation awal... i am so happy with you

  3. Hi, Kak! I really am happy to see you finally finish your study. It means one of my wishes i wished you came true! Your name now is a little longer:D Btw, this is my very first comment after months since the first time I came here to your "home". I decided to read in silence. Even on the post where you wrote something about me (eventhough just a very little bit). You have no idea how I reacted when the first time I found my gift became the cover of your post! But one comment won't hurt, i guess.

    Last but not least, nothing i can say but congratulation and have an amazing life for the new stage of life of yours, Kak!

    -The girl with the cheering blue envelope letter.

  4. Khorik: Thanks, riq (still using Qalqalah Kubra, yess) . I wish you're gonna get the degreen soon, as well. Keep struggling on biological stuff! 🙌🙌

    Anonim: Thanks for always cheer me up, even i'm barely good enough about it. Same with me, i wish you'll have more amazing thing to be blessed and be happy for many reasons. Keep being good! 👍