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Wrapped Impactful Things Up Throughout 2018, What Turned Me To Be More Mindful (2/2)

It’s a really long struggle in the mid of 2018. The need of confronting bad luck is on the next level. All I want for throughout the year is people who treat their surroundings in a caring and mindful way. Just like what Kugy and Della has offered to me, the strength to deal with my struggle.

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August: Meaningful
The independence month took me to more meaningful journey. First and foremost, I went to Kahayya—remote highland area in hometown, Bulukumba—for being volunteer in Kelas Minggu Ceria. This community aims to enhance the interactive learning and empower primary schoolers through edutainment. My best moment that I eventually concerned more about early age education and give positive impacts even it was still a drop in the ocean. Another equally important, I sailed to Saugi Island along with Kugy and her friend. The same thing as Kahayya, Saugi also inhabited by younger generation who routinely attended class which was provided by volunteerism. Unlucky me, the moment when I went there wasn’t the school time.

One essential rule to live in peace is cut the toxic people who weigh you down off. Then trust me, all these people certainly won't get into the list. Well, actually, I'm not good enough at making conversation with new faces. Yet, mostly all i did is take deep heed of their inspiring stories and laugh over endless jokes. Life was easy back then. This is the best part, current independece day vibes-weekend are way far better than before. As I've dreamt since long time ago, I must involve in teaching volunteerism at remote rural, who needs education access the most. Never found the best timing before, now here I am, at Kelas Minggu Ceria in Kahayya, (possibly) the highest point of Bulukumba, 168 km away from Makassar, 1.600 metres above sea level. The struggle to get there is real tho. Long story short, the next day's coming. Since we still celebrate the Independence Day, there are lots of Independence vibes games (ie makan kerupuk, tusuk botol, estafet kemerdekaan, puzzle peta Indonesia, you name it) for native kids. Definitely, all the kids are so much adorable. Till the the last minutes, it turns out, Kahayya is the place you shouldn't visit only once. You're gonna miss the serenity of extremely cold weather, and covered-green land, and coffee farming, and having no internet access which are relieving insecurity and anxiety. Yas, holy crap, it takes merely one sleep to get me long for all precious moments. No wonder, now i know where all my friends' addictive feeling as being teaching volunteer comes from. Kahayya, KMC, till we meet again!
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After those remarkable journeys, I learnt one big thing. When I had talks with kids, it was not only me who transferred theoretical knowledge to them. Further and even more importantly, though, they taught me how to smile, laugh, and be happy for simple reasons. That what’s I almost forgot since few months ago. I mean, yeah, I used to smile and laugh out loud, but in a bitterly fake way.

September: Okay
Was beginning my very first September with new great circle which I had a lot in common. We got to know as the book club Makassar meeting was held. Kudos to the founders, Sike and Melan, who united us in such remarkable way. Anyways, this agenda also relieved me since laughter and jokes are so natural and clicked.

Unfortunately, I was also getting anxious due to the fact that I had to leave Makassar and all the good as well as bad things within it. The negative thoughts were getting intense, I considered my poor condition and might be getting worse when I would be in new and alienated place. I flew eventually to East Java and found that… hey, it wasn’t like what I thought before. This also brought me to deeper understanding as an over thinker: sometimes we are too frightened about the things which hadn’t occur yet, sometimes we put so much strains on our thought to think too much about it, but at last we would find out that everything will be okay, all we need to do is start and strive.

October: Healing
Being in a totally transformed place is a bit difficult for me. Adaptation used to put me in harsh time. So grateful that I was surrounded by warmhearted and fun-loving buddies here back then, it was that easy to adapt with new location. Another stressor, I realize, that I would get attach to them and since I won’t be that long to stay here, all the goodbye and farewell things would be such a mess at the end. I tried so damn not to get involved with the social interaction and pretended to be an antisocialist, yet my attempt always failed. They deserved my attention and no matter how melancholic I would be when the time had been over, I was still into them.

October was also my healing month over the period. Just like last year, I attended as volunteer at Ubud Writer and Readers Festival. Since my first sight, long before my first attendance, I had fallen in love soooo deep with the ambience and the festive of this 15 years agenda. Going in a solo traveling also rebuilt my confidence and independence regardless of how fragile I was at the moment. Reunited with old volunteers, forged strong bond with new ones, met inspiring speakers and fave authors, attended meaningful talks, stayed at peaceful and homey city, how come all those relieving moment gathered all at once? I couldn’t thank and ask for more. It was an utterly amazing month.

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November: Break
My pace in this month was going slower. Took two-week break from language class and decided to travel to Yogyakarta, the city of cultural and heritage of Java. What an amazing destination! Even the tragic part was more getting around the shopping center rather than visiting cultural site. My companion and I walked to Alun-alun and Taman Sari, but we ended up in Ambarukmo Plaza, Hartono Mall, Lippo, Filosofi Kopi, Tempo Gelato, you name it.

Anyways, I didn’t really enjoy November since gonorrhea attacked my pinky and sensitive body. My mobility was absolutely distracted, and even my parents also worried about my ailment which made me feel bitter. When I got sick, I was always deeply helpless and the worst part, I was thousand miles apart from home. Such a terrible pain. One full month was the time to fully cure this, after short break, GP consultation, and self-conventional treatment.

December: Combat
The last month was full of ending. The end of warm season, class, and few friends meeting. Yet, another pleasure appear as I achieved my reading challenge target, 35 over 35 and perhaps would be more till the end of the year. It was a tricky way actually since I attempted to read five books in a week which I felt so difficult in previous months. My desire to combat the challenge which I failed last year is in maximum degree, so I put a lot of time to finish my reading bucket list. Another lesson more, anything could come to us when we really put our effort into it.

To sum up, I didn’t feel that this year is running so fast. Everything was on their own constellation, normally. I reviewed what had been happened, contemplated and reflected more. The rest of the year would be easy, I wish. Next year would be more enticing to live within.


All those experiences this year had brought me to be more mindful person. Yeah, I’m still on my way to learn how to be more selfless when it comes to help people in need and I know it could take long life learning process. We admit, people live on their own struggle every single day. This fact should make us to be more concern, at least, to support our beloved families, friends, or acquaintances. Bear in mind, please, to keep being by their side and make them don’t feel alienated and lonely.

It’s truly, completely hard to live our perplexed life, it would be harder when we don’t have people to get along with us. Hear passionately their story if they don't mind. Be more compassionate, to our own self, to our surroundings!

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